Children’s Ministry

Our desire is that our children learn about and experience God in revolutionary and tangible ways. Children are our future and we believe that God has amazing things in store for each of them. Our heart is that all of God’s children, both young and old, access all that God has for them as we allow Holy Spirit to move freely. Life is an adventure with God.


Ages: 0-2 years

Children of all ages are important to us. We provide a safe, fun environment filled with toys for the children, as their parents watch over them. The nursery is equipped with a change table and some accessories needed for parents to care for their children. There is a live video feed of the service provided on the TV for parents to watch the service from the nursery.

Jesus says, “Let these children [come]. Don’t get between them and me. These children are the kingdom’s pride and joy.” Luke 18:16MSG

R-Kidz Children’s Ministry

Sunday mornings @ 10:30 am (following worship)

Explorers: 3-4 years

Trailblazers: 5-10 years

We have creative, interactive and multimedia lessons, crafts, stories, music, and fun games, all being taught by passionate teachers. Their desire is to blaze the way for the children, so they, in turn, will torch the way for others to come to know God.

Please visit our Check-in station located at the back of sanctuary on Sunday mornings to sign-in your child. Your child’s security number will appear on the main screen in the sanctuary if any need arises with your child.

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