Ignite Junior High Ministry

Sunday mornings @ 10:30 am (following worship)

Ages: 11-13 years

Ignite means: to catch fire or to cause to catch fire. Our prayer is just that; that our Jr. High’s would be IGNITED with a passion for God and be changed from the inside out by the power of the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to fuel the passion within them, and we pray that our Jr. High’s would then IGNITE a passion for God to those around them and change their communities.

The Bible says, “The main character in this drama…will IGNITE the kingdom life within you, a fire within you, the Holy Spirit within you, changing you from the inside out.” Matt. 3:11b MSG

We have engaging, interactive and multimedia lessons, small group discussions and fun games, being taught by passionate teachers. Their desire is to blaze the way for the students, so they, in turn, will torch the way for others to come to know God.

Please visit our check-in station located at the back of the sanctuary on Sunday mornings to sign-in your child. Your child’s security number will appear on the main screen in the sanctuary if any need arises with your child.

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